Philippine Association of Entomologists, Inc.

PAEThe Philippine Association of Entomologists, Inc. is a non-profit organization devoted to the encouragement and enhancement of instruction, research and extension in the science of entomology

and also to the promotion, understanding and recognition of the basic and applied aspects of entomology among the various governmental, business and professional institutions in the Philippines and abroad.

It was founded in 1962 by men who had become the pillars of Entomology in the country. To date PAE is composed of thousands of local and foreign members involved in the academe, science and business of Entomology.

Since 1968, PAE has been publishing The Philippine Entomologist, an ISI journal since 2005, primarily for its members to publish in but is open to all entomological authors. The journal contains articles on pioneering works and research in Entomology in the country and breakthroughs in insect pest management. It maintains exchanges with foreign entomological journals. Copies of the journal are given free to State Universities and Colleges.

PAE serves as one of the partners of the Fertilizer and Pesticide Agency (FPA) in its training programs. The association provides high calibre resource persons on the different subject areas covered. PAE regularly conducts in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao Accreditation Trainings/Workshops for Certified Pesticide Applicators (Agricultural), Accredited Responsible Care Officers and Bioefficacy and Supervised Pesticide Residue Trial Researchers. With these trainings, PAE also offers symposia for renewal of FPA accreditation.

To further promote and enhance the understanding and recognition of Entomological science, PAE holds The PAE Forum for the staff and students of the different universities and colleges that offer Agriculture curriculum in the country. PAE is also actively involved in the conduct of the Plant Doctors on Wheel (PDOW), an extension project of the Pest Management Council of the Philippines where PAE is one of the member-societies. It is one of PAE’s ways of reaching out to the agricultural users of entomological knowledge and technology. Its members are actively involved in farmers’ fora and in the development of information and educational materials for farmers’ use.
PAE establishes links with the private sector on the entomological aspect of product development and by providing technical support.
PAE offers thesis writing grants to undergraduate students who are Entomology or Crop Protection majors.