Pest Control Association of the Philippines

logo pcap 1The Pest Control Association of the Philippines or PCAP is a SEC-registered non-profit organization of pest control companies operating in the Philippines.

It was founded on March 8, 1962 to be the prime steward of the Philippine pest control industry by promoting the highest standard of professionalism and quality pest management services in order to contribute towards a safe environment and a better life for the Filipino. PCAP regularly conducts trainings, seminars and workshops for pest control professionals as well as raise public awareness on the vital role of the pest control industry in the Philippine society, especially in the urban residential and commercial sectors. The PCAP new office address is located at 147 B Pinatubo St. Barangka Ilaya, Mandaluyong City with Tel number 632-0754.

PCAP, a community of pest management professionals, is dedicated to the advancement of its members through training and information exchange, as prime steward of the industry, our mission is to promote the highest standard of professionalism, to ensure quality pest management at all times and to provide industry directions towards a safe environment and a better life for the public.

PCAP is the prime mover in the industry serving as the platform for information, issues and technology, uplifting the members to become truly professionals and constantly working towards a prestigious Association with proud and committed membership.